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Budding Artists


for those that love drawing, painting and making




We host fun and creative children's parties.







Choose one from any of the following activities,

Teasel mice

Design and print a T-shirt

Sew together a fabric bag/pencil case

Make some felt brooches

Make a teddy bear

Carshalton Lavender sachets


or phone me on 0208 669 9622

to discuss other options. The parties

can also be linked to the time of year.





Party Breakdown;

1 Teacher

1 assistant depending on party size.

All art materials provided by Budding Artists

1-2 hrs art activity provided.

Venue is an additional charge or arranged by you.

All food is to be provided by parent/carer.


Fees: £10-£15 per child (depending on activity) + travel costs  



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