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CATS stands for Crafts, Art, Technology and Science . It is a wonderfully unique STEAM club where children can create arts and crafts that are heavily focused on science and technology. Throughout the term, children learn through active engagement about different methods of construction, use various materials, engage with key scientific words, understand why certain materials are used whilst applying core skills such as teamwork and problem solving and resilience in the process.

CATS Club runs in various schools as an after school club and we also provide holiday and educational workshops. If you would like CATS Club to come to bring a topic to life, please get in touch by filling in the form on the contact page.


IMG_6215 IMG_6193 IMG_6041 IMG_6203 IMG_6210 IMG_5190 IMG_5632 nests

Learning about and making some

of the first machines invented - Catapults. ...

Learning the uses of the manufacturing technqiue of weaving through making birds nests

Learning about wind power and making pinwheel poppies during Rememberance week.

Learning about the properties of different metals and the technique of embossing whilst celebrating St Georges Day.

fibonacci designs

In this lesson pupils learnt how nature influences STEAM and how many designers have been inspired by the Fibonnaci sequence.

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