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All staff are DBS/CRB checked



Pure drawing is a wonderful introduction to the subject, Art. If you are feeling unconfident and rusty, this course is a great starting point that can lead onto a painting course in due course.


Apart from being a pleasurable pastime, drawing also has lots of other benefits. It is good for the soul. I teach students to draw using the right side of their brain. It helps relieves stress,  developes mindfulness, boosts creativity and problem solving  and resilience.  During the course of a year I will teach the basic skills of drawing and you will learn to perceive as an artist.

How to perceive edges, spaces, relationships, angles, proportions, light, shadows and shading.




           Summer Term Classes available are:

            (Term 1, Introduction to drawing, Line and Tone)


           Pure Drawing  (Teens)                               Fri  4.00-5.00p.m.

           The Baptist Church, Carshalton Beeches

           Drink and Draw (Adults and teens)

           The Wallington Arms, Wallington           Tues  7.30 - 8.00 p.m.


                                                                                         Course fee £72.0      9 Lessons

                                                                                         Course commences  18/9/2018


Starting in September Drink and Draw. Drawing sessions in a local pub on a Tuesday evening. For more information, follow me on Facebook/josharpeartist or send an email via the contact form.





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